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City of Akron Incident Log – Posted 7/28/10

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DISCLAIMER - Any Charges Reported in these Press Releases are Merely Accusations and the Defendants are Presumed Innocent Unless and Until Proven Guilty.

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7/27/2010    9:24:56 AM

Major Incidents Reported for July 27, 2010

Breaking and Entering:

Officers arrested two male teens after they were observed breaking into Margaret Park Elementary School located at 1413 Manchester Road. Shortly after 11:00 last night, officers found two males trying to get into a back door of the school. One male got down on his hands and knees, while the other male stood on his back. They had already broken out the door window and were trying to reach in and unlock the door, when they were taken into custody without incident.

Officers arrested Shane H. Wadsworth, 16, and Michael W. Hartney, 15, and charged them with Breaking and Entering and Curfew. They were placed into the custody of the Summit County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Aggravated Robbery:

Around midnight last night, the Newton Lounge located at 1295 Newton Street was robbed. The barmaid and several patrons reported the suspect entered the bar armed with a handgun and demanded money, which the barmaid handed the suspect from the register. The suspect pistol whipped several patrons, before taking the tip jar off the bar, and fleeing. No injuries were reported.

The suspect is a black male, 25 – 30 years old, 5-10” – 6’03”, 180 – 250 lbs, and was wearing a black long sleeve shirt or hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, black gloves and a black doo-rag over his face. Anyone with information is asked to contact our department.

7/27/2010    7:22:10 AM
Felony reports for July 27, 2010
Jermaine D Clepper, 33, 1125 Ackley St., Akron, Ohio was charged with Domestic Violence and Violating a Protection Order. Jermaine has a prior conviction for domestic violence from 7-2-07 and a prior conviction for violating a protection order from 10-20-09.

Rodney Merritt, 51, 1149 Dover Ave., Akron, Ohio was charged with Weapons under Disability. Officers were called to 1149 Dover Ave for Rodney waving a rifle around. The rifle was found in his kitchen.

Jeffrey J Byrd, 22, 377 Gibbs Pl., Akron, Ohio was charged with Burglary, Menacing and Criminal Damage. A witness heard Jeffrey threaten to kill the victim. Jeffrey then broke into the victim’s apartment and stole a vase and use the vase to break the victim’s driver’s side car window.

Donald W Davis, 47, 134 Basin Terr., Akron, Ohio was charged with Aggravated Robbery. Donald pulled a knife on a JC Penney security officer when they attempted to apprehend him for stealing.

Jonez S Ammons, 18, 1157 Laurel Ave., Akron, Ohio was charged with Forgery and Misrep of Identification. Jonez was stopped at Copley Rd and St Michales for a traffic violation. When asked for his drivers license he stated he didn’t have it with him and gave officers his brothers name and social security number and signed the citation with the false name.

Erik B Owens, 31, 1152 Lindsay St., Akron, Ohio was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Property. Erik stole aluminum molds, scrap brass bushings and other aluminum blocks and sold them to Hazel Street Scrap. He stole the items from his employer and they estimate the molds are worth $30,000.00.

Craig J Juengle, 22, 1529 S Arlington St., Akron, Ohio was charged with Felonious Assault and Obstructing Official Business. Craig and the victim got into a fight when Craig grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim in the face and back. He then ran into his apartment and refused to come out when ordered to by the police.

7/27/2010    7:10:39 AM
Burglary reports for July 27, 2010
1 Occurred 423 Tyner St, bet 7/22-7/23 bet 11:00pm- 1:23pm Unk forced open side window MISSING: tv

1 Occurred 526 Gage St, on 7/24 bet 3:30-11:30pm Unk forced open side door MISSING: (2) computer, xbox 360 w/controllers

2 Occurred 1203 N Main St, bet 7/7-7/25 bet 6:00pm- 3:58pm Unk forced open rear door MISSING: garden hose, misc copper pipe, misc tools

2 Occurred 508 Columbia Ave, on 7/26 bet 4:00-4:08am Arrested forced open side window MISSING: recovered ARRESTED: Tyler J Smith

3 Occurred 1560 Multnoma Ave, bet 7/24-7/25 bet 4:00am-4:32pm Susp forced open side door MISSING: computer, tv, misc jewelry, misc household items SUSPS: Joseph Thomas b/m/29/5′07″-5′09″/165-185#

3 Occurred 1177 Pondview Ave, on 7/25 bet 4:30am- 12:00pm Unk forced open side window MISSING: $27, computer, handbag, misc food

3 Occurred 1272 Pondview Ave, on 7/25 bet 3:00-3:02am Susp entered rear window MISSING: nothing SUSPS: b/m/20-30

3 Occurred 2000 Goodyear Blvd, on 7/23 bet 12:00- 4:00pm Unk forced open rear window MISSING: xbox, video game, misc dvd’s

3 Occurred 800 E Tallmadge Ave, bet 1/1/99-7/22/10 bet 12:00am-11:00am Unk entered storage unit by unk means MISSING: misc stereo equipment, misc household items

4 Occurred 2428 Congo St, bet 7/16-7/23 bet 6:00pm- 6:15pm Susp forced open rear window MISSING: tv, dvd player, camera, id, wii, misc video games SUSPS: Tony D Brock b/m/26/5′08″/212#

5 Occurred 1210 Derbydale Rd, bet 7/23-7/24 bet 6:30pm-12:40am Unk forced open front window MISSING: nothing

5 Occurred 821 Cole Ave, on 7/23 bet 3:30am-3:42pm Unk forced open rear window MISSING: $425

5 Chasyannos Lounge, Occurred 1024 S Arlington St, on 7/23 bet 12:00-9:00pm Unk forced open side window MISSING: tv, misc alcohol

5 First Place Bank, Occurred 1185 Coventry St, bet 7/23-7/25 bet 10:00pm-2:12pm Unk forced open front door MISSING: misc copper pipe

5 Occurred 1808 Anton Dr, on 7/24 bet 5:45-10:45pm Unk forced open rear window MISSING: tv, cellphone

5 Occurred 560 Chittenden St, bet 7/15-7/24 bet 8:00am-1:12pm Unk forced open side door MISSING: misc household items & fixtures

6 Asset Management, Occurred 1471 Burkhardt Ave, bet 7/11-7/24 bet 12:00am-12:56pm Unk forced open side door MISSING: nothing

7 Occurred 788 Jason Ave, bet 7/23-7/24 bet 5:00pm- 1:33pm Unk forced open rear window MISSING: computer

7 MacGregor and MacGregor CPA, Occurred 1891 East Ave, bet 7/23-7/24 bet 5:00pm-1:59pm Unk entered rear door & attempted to set fire MISSING: nothing

7 Occurred 2268 23rd St SW, on 7/24 bet 2:00-6:00pm Unk forced open front door MISSING: tv, xbox, radio

7 Boulevard Lounge, Occurred 995 Kenmore Blvd, on 7/23 bet 3:10am-1:00pm Unk entered front door MISSING: $1000, safe

7 Occurred 2268 23rd St SW on 7/24 bet 9:00-11:45pm Unk entered unlocked front door MISSING: cd player, dvd player, misc medication

7 Lawndale Elementary School, Occurred 2330 25th St SW, bet 7/16-7/20 bet 12:00pm-8:00am Unk entered through roof MISSING: nothing

8 Occurred 971 Bellevue Ave, on 7/23 bet 1:55-2:00pm Susp forced open front window MISSING: nothing SUSPS: (2) b/m/18-20/5′05″-5′08″/170-180#

8 Tower Of Prayer, Occurred 1334 Diagonal Rd, bet 7/22-7/23 bet 4:30pm-4:38pm Unk forced open side window MISSING: air conditioner, misc juice

8 Occurred 1162 Diagonal Rd, bet 5/17-7/22 bet 12:00am-12:00am Unk entered by unk means MISSING: computer, misc household items, misc stereo equipment

8 Occurred 704 Copley Rd, on 7/24 bet 2:53-3:30pm Unk forced open rear door MISSING: (3) computer, (2) playstation 3, watch, camcorder, tv, xbox 360, misc video games

9 Occurred 1666 Dominion Dr, on 7/24 bet 5:16-7:18pm Susp(s) forced open front door brandishing handgun MISSING: nothing SUSPS: Stephan G Ward b/m/18/5′08″/140#; Leeadierre D Barnes b/m/17; Earl L Davis b/m/19/5′07″/145#; Stephan M Allen b/m/17/5′07″/120#

10 Occurred 801 Harvard St, on 7/23 bet 2:30-9:30pm Unk entered rear window MISSING: $12

11 Ohio Knife Grinding, Occurred 182 Beaver St, bet 7/23-7/24 bet 2:30pm-8:00am Unk entered by unk means MISSING: (2) lamps, mini refrigerator, misc copper

11 Occurred 317 Black St, on 7/24 bet 1:22-1:26am Arrested forced open rear door MISSING: nothing ARRESTED: Ashley B Graham; Xavier L Maxwell

12 Occurred 489 Barwell St, bet 7/25-7/26 bet 7:00pm- 12:38am Unk forced open rear window MISSING: computer, tv, playstation 3

12 Occurred 794 W Market St, bet 7/23-7/25 bet 3:30pm-11:00am Unk entered unlocked front window MISSING: ring

Akron: Police Department Incident Press Release.


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